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About Us



At Huntington Manor, we strive to surround the frail elderly residents, entrusted to our care, with Beauty: And beautiful, loving care begins with quality caregivers. The staff at Huntington Manor are some of the most experienced in San Diego County, with more than 60 years of combined experience in caring for our residents.

Huntington Manor Assisted Living Facility specializes in end of life care for our residents, including hospice care, respite care, short term or long term rehabilitation, and our staff has the skills, training, and experience to make this last phase of a person’s life with a warm smile, a gentle touch, and unmatched compassionate companionship.

Co-Owners, Philip J. Butzen & Joan K. Butzen


staff and his wife Joan K. Butzen, BS, MSW, LCSW. Joan, as a licensed psychotherapist, understands the importance of a caring staff on an elderly person’s well being, based on social work principles, not the standard medical model. Philip, her husband, a former real estate attorney, has used his business skills to assemble and manage a caring Philip J. Butzen, BA, MA, JD,The caring principles that have guided Huntington Manor are inspired by improvements to Huntington Manor’s buildings and grounds to make it so beautiful., and to develop the necessary 




Next on the list of projects for improvement to the programs at Huntington Manor is a 5,500 square foot two story structure in the front garden attached at the second level by a bridge to a new deck attached to the Huntington Manor dining room. This will be the location for eight new bedrooms to replace eight existing ones, which are not adequate for the end of life care provided at Huntington Manor. The first floor will be a large community room for parties and events.


The last of the improvements will be the expansion of the English garden theme from the west side of the property around the south end of the Huntington Manor structure and over the east portions of both buildings backyards. 


Future Improvements



One of the core beliefs of Owner Philip J. Butzen, is that all businesses must continuously strive to expand, to improve, to provide extra value to its customers. And he has applied that principle at Huntington Manor.


Inspired by a trip to the Beuchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada, Philip installed the concrete walkways, raised garden beds, and koi pond. He had a chicken coop built for the facility’s chicken flock, which eats the kitchen scraps and lays delicious free range eggs. He had an irrigation system installed, connected it to a 400-foot deep water well, and had thousands of trees, bushes, shrubs, and flowers planted, a veritable horticultural cornucopia.


Huntington Manor had all of its bathrooms upgraded, five new HVAC systems installed, an eleven bedroom addition built, the dining room expanded and improved with new flooring and a server’s station with original art added to the walls, an additional two bedrooms added, the kitchen enhanced with new countertops and cabinets, and the eight access doors to the walk­in chiller refurbished with new hardware and sealing strips.

Remodeling & Facility Upgrades

Owner & Executive Chef


Executive Chef & Owner, Philip Butzen believes that a balanced nutrition is important to everyone in all seasons of their life but especially important to the frail elderly. Nutritious well-balanced meals feed our body and mind, allow us to live longer and stronger, and makes us feel better. It’s been proven that eating well can improve energy levels, mental acuteness, and resistance to illness. Executive Chef, Philip Butzen strives to plan homemade, family-style meals with fresh tasty food, and wholesome ingredients that are beautifully prepared for our residents with health issues and dietary restrictions.


Huntington Manor Assisted Living Facility prides itself on being partially self-sufficient. Our good water nourishes our raised planters and gardens into bountiful color-rich pickings of fruits and vegetables for our meals. Our residents enjoy watching nature grow from seedlings into beautiful, delicious food at the dining room table. Our food is both good and good for our residents.


  • Raised planters and garden

  • Fruits and vegetables in raised planters provide bountiful color-rich pickings for our meals prepared daily.

  • Freshly laid eggs from our hens are collected, washed and prepared for our meals

  • Nutritious family-style meals and snacks are prepared three times per day

  • Well-balanced meals are catered to our residents’ health issues and dietary restrictions

Recent Blog Posts

December 24, 2019

Christmas Dinner on December 25th.

December 21, 2019

We had the opportunity to host family and friends here at Huntington Manor for our annual Christmas party.  Many residents got to spend some time with loved ones, listen to holiday music preformed live, and enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner!   Our residents had so much fun, and was filled with carols and sleigh bells and Christmas cheer all around.  We had so much fun hosting this special get together.


October 14, 2019

Welcome to the wonderful world of epiphyllums. Here're a few photos of these spectacular and precious flowers. The oak tree in Huntington Manor looks beautiful. Epiphyllums have started to open. Epiphyllum are often called "Orchid Cactus" due to their large bright blooms and growth habits. 

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